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Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now

Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now Online Tv 2021 Live Free Now


 2021 Live Free Now


 2021 Live Free Now

Here's an idea. Don't put all you eggs in one basket.

Some people are talking about establishing an alternative platform that will effectively replace YouTube. The problem is that the centralized system is what created this problem in the first place.

Should the content be uploaded to Vimeo, Pornhub, Bitchtube, LBRY, YouTube or others?

The answer is, all of the above! Content creators should also self host their own content as another redundancy. I would watch the videos on other networks, if they were available that is.

Why Not Strike

If YouTube keeps placating us and are not willing to negotiate to our pretty reasonable demands then why don’t we go on strike. We all ban together and quit making videos until there willing to negotiate. Just think about it we are the content creators we made YouTube what it is today so we could show them that by canceling production of our videos.

We Need To Prepare For The Worst.

We all hope that we can take back Youtube, but we must prepare for the fact that there is chance we won't, and if we do not succeed we must propose that idea of secession from Youtube and turning the Youtubers Union into our own site where we can upload videos without Youtubes's problems. We must think about the option of full independence from Youtube in order to form our own, free, platform where we can upload our videos freely and far from Youtube's grasp.

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Police Platform to remove all criminals and criminal activity

There needs to be a direct contact method to take all reports of known criminals and known criminal activity that is present on the platform from any and all users wishing to report such activities and such people. This means that it should no longer be allowed for YouTube to not except third-party reports from people. Just like  in the real world any person who witnesses a crime or knows of a crime is allowed to go into a police station and file a report of what they know; the police do not turn away people from reporting crimes just because they are third-party witnesses.