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So after some discussion it was noted that we needed a way to give people "permission" to go and do things for the union. Several people had fed back that they needed official permission to go carry out activity for the Union. Really if you have an idea JUST GO DO IT. You don't need permission. Since people still felt they need permission I created these logos as a way to grant the totally unneccessary permission. I encourage you to discuss on the Forums, the Discord or wherever you like what idea you have had. It's best to share ideas but feel free to go nuts, if you want to make a poster, just do it. Want to make a Union advertising video, just do it. Want to run a campaign promoting the union on social media, just do it.

These badges represent that you have decided to take action for the union that represents something greater than membership alone.

So how do you earn a badge?

Well you decide you want one. That's it. Decide you want one and you can have one. We are not going to police it and make sure you are still printing posters, or that you have even got around to doing it. No obligation here. If you want to step up and help, pick an appropriate badege, or don't. They are not really necessary. 

So how do you keep your badge?

There is no obligations. We wont jundge you inferior and take it away.

What do the colours mean?

Blue is for platform leaders. This means people who are admins or moderators on social platforms, such as Facebook, Discord Reddit and Twitter.

Green is for resource creators. This is for people who create things for us to use. That could be videos, images, animations, sound bytes, letters, posters etc.

Purple is for action leaders. Actions could be leading a letter writing campaign, running a socail media publicity campaign or any other action we like. An action leader is a person pushing for a given action to be carried out and usually the first person to talk to if you are involved. There can be more than one action leader for the same action and you can run several action, theres no limit. I've lost count how many Jörg is running.

Grey is for officals. This means anyone who carries out actions for the union that don't fall into the other 3 categories, like representing us in the press or meeting with YouTube, to name a few examples.

Attached are also combinations of colours incase anyone wants to step up and do more for us. There is also a special Rambini logo one for Jörg Sprave in recognition of his starting the movement.

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Their greatest fear is public awakening.  Whether it be man or woman, black white or brown. Controlling the weak and polluting the minds of our children.  We must fight back at every last one who tries to enslave us.

Andrea M Degeorge

Dear The Left, 

I may not agree with anything you say,  but I'll fight to the death your right to say it.  


Nobodys fool

Andrea M Degeorge

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone.”


"Most bad Governments come from too much of it."


Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve 

It themselves. 


Dear Lefties,

If I was getting smart with you,  how would you know?

Andrea M Degeorge