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I would like to see YT eventually enact a policy that states that, if you flag someone else's content, that YT will go back into your content and search through it w/a fine-toothed comb. Any calls for mass-flagging, or comments about the creator of the content you flagged, or anything else that goes towards proving that your beef is political/personal, and not an actual complaint about content, and you will get a warning for harrassment and a one-week banishment from the platform. Each time this recurs, the punishment increases, until the third incident, at which time you will be permanently banned from ever again creating your own content or commenting on/about anything on YT. I also feel that before being allowed to register complaints about others, that users should have to register their legal name, address, and last four digits of ssn (or some other such actual identifier) and be informed that this info is necessary in case their complaint violates another user's rights. Let the user know that a creator whose rights they have violated will be given their name/address, in case they wish to  sue the complainer for defamation, lost wages, etc., and also let them know that YT will turn over any necessary evidence to any creator whose rights they violate for that creator to use should they take their case to court.  I think that this would go far in making bored idiots reconsider before they attempt to ruin someone else's livelihood in a lazy attempt to virtue signal, or to punish someone else for "wrongthink".


Just a thought.....

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I like the concept of holding people abusing the system accountable but I think it might be opening pandoras box. What if I was reported fairly, and then appel asking fo rthe complainants details.

I truly believe that, if a person is flagging an objectionable video for reasons that they feel are fair and correct, that giving one's name/info won't be a problem. Its like when I drove a cab, and our company had a policy of getting money up front from certain folks (i.e.; teenagers, or addresses w/a history of "runners", no-shows, or non-paying riders)...When we would ask for the fare up front, it quickly became obvious that the ONLY people who had a problem w/this were those who hadn't planned on paying for their ride in the first place. I think the same goes for flaggers: the only ones who will have a problem w/admitting WHO they are while committing an act that could potentially damage another creator's income are those who were being dishonest about their reasons for doing so in the first place. Someone who truly believes that they are doing the right thing won't have a moment's worry about letting that YT and creator know who they are.  I think that this will also have the effect of cooling people down and making them think before attacking other's beliefs/opinions, and it will ALSO let YT know who their tatttletales/busybodies are.  Personally, I'd take it even further. I think that when someone flags your video, YT should let you know a few things about that flagger.  Things like: how long has that person been on YT, what videos has that person flagged besides yours, what that person's standing on YT is (i.e.; are they a verified creator, a site moderator, an employee,) whether that person is a creator or just a viewer, and if they're a creator, how many subs do they have? YT should give the flagged creator the ability to (after filling out a few forms that prove an actual need) find out the real/legal name/contact info for the flagger.  These things go far in levelling the playing field against "mass flagging attacks" by unscrupulous creators, or by creators w/opposing viewpoints looking to take down an opponent, or bored idiots w/an axe to grind. Its one thing to say that a video is obscene, but if the flagger constantly flags any/all videos they find about labrador retrievers, and YT provides that info to the newest creator that this person has flagged, that would give that flagged creator a bit of amunition when they try to get YT to lift a punishment...And besides, its fair to both sides, and it is also info that YT might find VERY useful, anyway....(I.e.; "what is it about labrador retrievers that has 30 viewers flagging EVERY dog video..?")

because I am the cheese, and the cheese stands alone...-k9zymyn

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This is why I like facebook platform if a person wants to report a video it makes them go through a process like provide their id,name,etc this way it prevents people from abusing the report button. Where in youtube you can report anyone as much time as you want,and lets face it not all staff on youtube watch the video they assume the person(community) reporting must be right,they have no regards to the content creator.